The up and down undulations on the green can be easily and freely adjusted

Putting Trainer
Putting Trainer

Price 19,800 Yen

Design a strategy to correct for slices and hooks on
different lies using theelectric putting trainer.



This putting trainer is designed so that you can easily adjust the inclinations
of the turf just by pressing a switch. You will be able to enjoy practicing
finding the line on each green.
This putting trainer has an alley along its left side so that any ball you putt is
automatically returned to you.
The spare cup included with this unit can be used to change the size of
the cup in the green.

Putting Trainer



Operation switch
Spare cup : Round type
When the spare cup is installed, the hole diameter will be decreased to make
your putting practice more difficult.

When the switch is pressed here, the right side of the green will rise vertically.
When the switch is pressed in the center, the left and right motors will be run
to make random inclinations on both sides.
When the switch is pressed here, the left side of the green will rise vertically.

Dimensions410 x 150 x 2100mm
Power sourceSize D battery x 2
MaterialABS resin (main unit)